is a company that manufactures baked goods and delivers them to supermarkets and other retailers for sale to the public.
The client wanted a landing page for their upcoming sweepstakes. This page needed to be engaging, fun but at the same time neglect their brand look. I was responsible for creating the wireframes and the visual design of the whole landing page.
LO - FI Wireframe
HI - FI Version Design 1
Outcome: Developers needed this project to be created & delivered in the sketch app. I started by forming lo-fi wireframes to see how the experience is going to be. Then by using clients style guidelines, I formed a visually appealing and easy to navigate design.
Client liked the approach in the first version but requested some changes according to their needs. The challenge here was form a different layout architecture under client needs but also keeping the user-friendly system. I designed the final version considering design thinking approach; understanding what users & client wants one by one. I have made changes in layout, images, shapes & typo as can be seen in the final version below.
The project was checked numerous times, pixel by pixel to ensure everything worked before handing the project over to developers. Final design was very fulfilling for both the team & client.
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